Should I Use Twitter As Part of My Social Media Strategy?

24 September 2014
Published: By: Becky Dudley

One word: Absolutely! Twitter is such an invaluable tool to plunge you in at the deep end of Digital Marketing.

On the social media spectrum, Twitter is fast rising to the top of the list – especially with B2B companies. I remember once reading an article on a LinkedIn SEO page, dedicated entirely to trashing Company Facebook pages, as they’re becoming less effective when trying to communicate any sort of information. Gone are the days of a company monitoring a Facebook page and occasionally adding a comment here and there to calm an irate customer down. The future is now, and it lies with other channels.

Your Social Media strategy is ultimately so important, and so each channel really must be treated as a separate entity. It’s fine to share the same content across four different Social Networks, but for the most part, you’d want to tailor the content you produce towards the audience for that channel, surely?

Suffice to say, no company in the world (especially the SEO world) can afford to ignore Social Media, not now, not ever. Statistically speaking:
• Product marketing influences an average of 80% of Social Network users.
• The average Facebook user checks their profile 16 times a day (thanks to mobile devices)
89% of SME business marketers are already engaged with Twitter.

Those numbers really do speak for themselves, and with such a high percentage of the consumer population engaging in Social Media, it would be a bad move to ignore them.

But wait, there’s more. Having an online presence, and have a great online presence are two completely different things. Below are some tips to help you on your way to achieving your goal of ‘a great Twitter presence’.

• 1. Know your competition, know the gameplay…
It wouldn’t at all be an exaggeration to say that you need to keep in mind, that Twitter is real life, with its own rules and community. So before you throw yourself in too deep without a clue, you have to spend some reconnaissance time inside the realm of Twitter, watching and learning. The best way to do this is to create an account, and just watch what your competition are tweeting. By no means copy their content, but just gleam the idea from their content!

• 2. Communicate on a Personal Level, Connect as a Person…
Whatever the size of your company, people like to talk to other people, not a company’s brand-facing drones. It really is quite important that your Twitter updates are ‘human’, and not styled like an automated service. It’s essential to assign a real person to your company’s Twitter management. This allows for many things, if nothing else, to build a bond of trust between the account and the consumer.

• 2. Start a Conversation, Input is Key…
Many, many companies see Twitter as a hurdle of sorts, that they try to conquer to be ahead of the game. This will never be the case, as ‘one does not simply’ conquer Twitter… no. This Social Media channel isn’t about conquering anything, it’s about establishing and maintaining a steady and reliable stream of communication with consumers, as well as publishing top quality content. Once these points are taken care of, people will start interacting with you, giving you their input and (hopefully!) passing your tweets around their follower base, whereby spreading your company.

• 3. Twitter + Website, Integration is… also Key!
Twitter is a very versatile tool, explaining its vast strengths. The power behind the buttons, widgets, links and other such sections of your Twitter page have unlimited benefits to your SEO. By putting links to your website’s URL can provide links to help your Google ranking, as well as using targeted keywords. Not to mention the fact that by pressing our content, such as blog posts for example, can provide a healthy click-through rate to your website.

To conclude, I hope you’ve enjoyed these few general tips to help you make a better use of Twitter. Bear in mind that as with all social media, there are very few ‘rules’, as it were, to keep you in place; merely guidelines. In the long run, you should (again, hopefully!) see yourself appearing higher up the rankings, and honestly, it’s what every company’s doing right now.

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