Social Media Strategy for Northampton

At Active Internet Marketing (UK), we ensure that your social media strategy is effectively drawing customers into your business. We are a Northampton based company with extensive experience in the field of social media marketing, and will ensure that a cohesive strategy is put in place that will benefit you. We have considerable knowledge and experience in Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, meaning we can engage the right platform for you and your company.


Our aim will be to thoroughly understand both your goals for you business and your desired tone of voice. In your preliminary consultation with us, we will endeavour to garner a thorough understanding of your company as it currently is but also where and how you see it developing. Through understanding you, we can also understand your customer base and therefore tailor a campaign with this specifically in mind.


It is becoming increasingly important to have a social media strategy in place for your business. Recent studies have shown that 72% of adults who use the internet have a social media profile. This means that it is now both easier and more important to actively communicate socially with those customers. At Active Internet Marketing (UK), we thoroughly research your industry, your customer’s interaction with that industry, and your competitors’ social media strategy. This information is then compiled and utilised by our Northampton based team who will subsequently devise and tailor a unique social media strategy just for you.


Through a mix of promotions, regular postings, and shareable content, we will begin to build a rapport with those who are already aware of your business. This will generate interest from those who may not be aware of you, in Northampton and further afield. Our team will create quizzes, interactive web pages, blog posts, and more, all directed at your target market and devised with the specific goal in mind of furthering the brand awareness of your business.


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