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Finding the right social media influencers for your brand can be the difference between a campaign failing or succeeding. Not only should the influencer’s interests and message suit your brand, but their audience’s interests should fit your brand’s too. Extensive research should always be conducted to find the perfect fit; from our connections with over 5,000 influencers in a range of specialisms, we have incredible resources to narrow down that 5,000 to find the 1 ideal influencer for you.

With Active Internet Marketing (UK), you can be confident that your brand will be represented and championed by the right spokesperson. We choose the social media influencers right for you based on factors such as their passion for your product or service and the active engagement and loyalty of their followers, as we intend to create genuine excitement for your brand as opposed to simply focusing on mass exposure that does not generate committed customers.

Our pool of social media influencers encompasses a range of sector specialisms, allowing us to target our influencer reach to the right audience. The specialisms include beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, comedy and entertainment, and luxury goods. Whatever your brand niche may be, we can identify the most suitable sector and then choose an influencer with an appropriate following who engage with the sector and are passionate about products and services within it.

Our network of social media influencers are spread globally. Therefore, if you’re interested in breaking into a new territory or wish to engage an untapped potential audience that fits with your brand, we can make sure you’re visible in that area.

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