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As an Influencer Marketing Agency, we are unique in that we have years of industry experience in all areas of digital marketing. Our extensive knowledge and practice in marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has afforded us the opportunity to identify the optimum methods for results tracking and reporting. By establishing clear goals and requirements at the very starting point of the strategy, we are able to comprehensively quantify the results and track the progress and ROI (Return on Investment). You will receive regular monthly reports from us showcasing this data and highlighting the performance indicators that are of the highest relevance to your bespoke content strategy.

For your influencer marketing strategy to be successful, we must be reactive to the changeable nature of both the influencer and their audience. That’s why it’s so important to be consistently data-driven and aware, consistently tracking both online and offline sales in order to identify key successes and deploy this knowledge. Tracking your company-wide sales ensures that we can monitor your ROI (Return on Investment) and can make intelligent decisions in regards to strategy adjustment and ongoing procedures, as we will be clear on what is having the highest impact for your brand.

We do not only measure your ROI based on immediate sales. As an Influencer Marketing Agency, our focus is on strengthening a brand’s presence and reach for the long term; we want to ensure that you see an increase in engaged customers, rather than seeing a one-off peak in sales. This is why we also closely monitor aspects such as your website traffic and the user journey that is most commonly undertaken on your website. Your social media followers will be tracked carefully, and their engagement levels will be monitors. It is this strategy of reporting and quantification which sets influencer marketing above other methods, as we are creating a brand following for the future rather than pushing an isolated product.

If you are an influencer keen on helping brands to increase their brand awareness, don’t hesitate to sign up through our influencer form and begin your work with Active Internet Marketing (UK). If you’re a brand excited to tell your story through an Influencer Marketing Agency, simply use our brand form to sign up or call us directly on 0800 772 0650.

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