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With influencer marketing, both production of content and delivery is taken care of by your influencer, making the process more cost efficient and cohesive. Active Internet Marketing (UK) work closely with your chosen influencers to devise a bespoke content strategy that aligns with your business goals, whilst maintaining an organic feel that will appeal to the loyal followers of the influencer. By identifying the right influencer for your brand, we can ensure that the content produced (whether it be photography, videos, or blog posts) is fitting for your message and achieves the highest possible engagement.

Through influencer marketing, a multitude of content production techniques become available. Each influencer will have differing skills and audience reach methods, from photography to image production to videos and blog posts. Whatever particular skill your influencer has will be honed and utilised to promote your product or service, and to tell your brand story. The method of content production that your influencer is a specialist in will be taken into account when we decide on the right influencer for you, and our content strategy will be built around this. Whether your service is best discussed in-depth throughout a blog post, or instead a video will feature your product in its best light, we will identify and organise this.

Because the content production and the distribution method are both generated by your influencer in influencer marketing, it is an extremely organic method of audience-reach. We work closely with the influencer to devise exclusive strategies that will effectively showcase a brand story for your company – one that encourages engagement and inspires loyalty from the audience. Influencers are successful because they so well understand their particular skill and their audience’s reaction to this; this invaluable knowledge is then paired with our marketing expertise in a range of areas, creating an effective influencer marketing strategy.

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