CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

What is CRO?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is all about turning visitors into sales, and at Active Internet Marketing (UK) we don’t just have the best CRO software on the market, we’re the only company with the best CRO software on the market. Thanks to our industry leading technology we can monitor your site visits in more detail than ever before, so we can really see how visitors interact with your website.

We can see everything, from the time of day that they entered your site to the specific places they clicked. This means we can fully monitor which areas of your site people interact with, and which areas need to be changed.


Turning Visitors into Customers

We use a variety of mapping softwares to see the dates and times people enter your site, their location, whether they are a new or returning customer, and where they click. We utilise heat, confetti, scroll, and usage maps that tell us everything we need to know about user interaction. We can therefore make changes based on solid facts, not simple opinion.

Our software allows us to see what keywords brought visitors to your site in the first place, which helps us understand which marketing strategies are reaching your target audience. We combine all of this information into detailed reports for you, so you can see exactly how the changes that we implement affect your website. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) technology doesn’t just show us what people are buying, it shows us the specific journey of the buyer so we know exactly what turns them from a casual visitor into a customer.

A/B Split Testing

The goal of using CRO is to improve the user journey throughout your website, and with A/B split testing we can tailor it to the individual client. We test two versions of a web page to see which changes are the most effective. Version A is a control group and version B is a test group, and we monitor how each group interacts.

The user has no idea that they are being monitored, and we are able to see how two versions of the same information affect the user journey.

Change Based on Fact

We monitor your website on a constant basis and continuously implement changes based on our mapping and reports. These changes can be as simple as altering the colour of a font or modifying a headline, but they all have an impact on your conversion rate.

This advanced CRO technology is usually reserved for multinational companies, but we believe that SMEs and independent businesses can benefit from the same constant refinement, and the success of our current clients proves this.

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