Animation in Bedford

Animation, when utilised intelligently, can be a unique way to market your business and engage potential customers. At Active Internet Marketing (UK), we are proud to have produced animation for a number of large companies nationwide, and can implement this extensive knowledge and experience for your business. Whether you are considering animation as an addition to your existing content, or are interested in devising a new marketing campaign involving animation, we can discuss your options with you in-depth to ensure we are tailoring our work to seamlessly fit your needs.


Our in-house animation team, based near Bedford, are provided with all of the tools and equipment required to produce your project to the highest possible standard. The design team works in tandem with the videographers to create a unique and modern animation for you. Your animation will be approached from a high-quality, artistic angle, with original hand-drawn storyboards which lead to cutting-edge, contemporary designs and implementations. Our team are highly trained in a range of animation softwares so can achieve a range of looks to fit your business needs.



Animation has many benefits for your social and internet presence. You will find that potential customers are more likely to stay on your webpage longer if there is a quality animation. This then leads to a higher chance of the customer converting to a sale. It can help solidify your brand image and tone of voice, leading to increased loyalty and awareness, both in Bedford and nationwide. At Active Internet Marketing (UK) we are responsive to your needs, so can implement requests or new ideas with fluidity and ease, meaning that you can be confident that your business will be represented accurately.


As we are based in Northampton, we can travel to you in Bedford with ease. Alternatively, visit us in our offices and we will be happy to spend time with you devising your ideal animation. Simply call us today on 01234 604 031 to arrange a meeting.


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