Influencer Marketing: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It

20 December 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

What Is It?

Influencer Marketing is a new, popular, and incredibly effective technique within the advertising and marketing sector. It includes inspiring your consumers through popular ‘influencers’ – those with large followings and audiences on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter – with brand endorsement suited to your particular product. Influencer marketing is commonly used by beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle brands, but is also seen to be increasing in the comedy and entertainment industry. It is most often, and most effectively, used on social media platforms and aimed at the following that an influencer has gained. Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we understand the power of influencer reach, and what it can do for your brand.

Trust and Credibility

This particular approach to marketing has evolved from the ever-growing lack of trust that consumers have in advertisement campaigns. By simply having a well known and loved figure seen to be using your products, your brand will gain credibility. People value influencers for their authenticity, as their endorsements help boost the human element of advertising. This authenticity will then allow the influencer and the brand to build trust with the consumer audience. Influencers range from celebrities and reality tv stars to bloggers and vloggers so be sure to choose the right influencer for your brand, as this will ensure you target the correct niche market. Not only does it increase authenticity, but also your brand authority, by showing consumers that you are a contender within the market.

Not only that, but keep in mind that your brand reputation will be linked to the reputation of your chosen influencer. Tabloid news or legal issues could tarnish your name so trusted, responsible representatives are favoured.

Brand Awareness

It’s important not to judge your influencer marketing results on sales, but instead on your brand awareness rate of growth. After all, you should want a continued presence in your market, rather than a short term peak in sales followed by a drop. Remember that your brand reach is determined by your influencer’s social media followers, providing you with an instant mass audience in one simple post. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are global, meaning that you don’t have to restrict your target to a national reach. Many influencers have followers from many corners of the globe, such as America, the UK, Dubai and Australia, making influencer marketing perfect for international reach.

Simple Approach

Influencer marketing is time-friendly and simple. Unlike adverts, which would have high production costs, time consuming storyboards, and extensive editing, influencer marketing can be established relatively quickly with simplistic campaign planning. In an industry that is ever changing and evolving, the need for original ideas is constant, making influencer marketing a breath of fresh air and an approach that doesn’t require teams of people on a huge scale.

Good for SEO

Influencer marketing is great for your SEO as it increases site traffic. The more mentions you get from an influencer marketing post, the more popular your brand will be. When you form connections and build relationships with influencers, they will share your content across their social channels, where it will be picked up by your niche audience.

It’s On The Rise

Now is the time to utilise influencer marketing as it’s on track to get even more popular! It’s proven to be an effective method that creates an organic feel and an authentic reputation, so don’t be left behind in the marketing world; seize this opportunity.

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we offer a bespoke and result-driven approach to influencer marketing, by tailoring your campaign to your specific brand qualities. Having collated 5000 influencers spread over varied niche markets, we can build you a successful relationship with your perfectly chosen influencer, allowing you to create content that feels genuine, generates engagement, and increases brand awareness. To discuss influencer marketing in more depth, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 772 0650.

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