Can you use viral videos to improve your business?

24 April 2015
Published: By: Becky Dudley

It’s no secret that nowadays having a video on your website is a crucial part of building your SEO presence, it helps your rankings, your conversion rates, and can help your social presence. So what’s the next step? You’ve added a video to your homepage explaining who you are and what you do, you’ve even added videos to your product pages to help your audience convert, but how else can video help you? Is just adding informational videos to your homepage enough?

To be blunt, no. Well, not if you want to reach a larger audience, which we all do, right?

With all the Google updates over the past few months, it’s becoming more and more clear that Google wants us to engage our audience in a unique way. But with all the competition out there, how is that even possible? Especially if you’re an SME trying to compete with multinational companies.
So, can you use viral videos to improve your business? Well, YouTube has just celebrated its 10th birthday, and at only ten years old, it’s become the second largest search engine in the world. Anyone with a smartphone can create, edit and publish a video in a matter of minutes, and if they’ve done it right, they could become viral overnight.

So you have to ask yourself, is an informational video on your homepage enough? Well, it can be, but only to people who are already thinking of buying your product or service. Going viral can be a great way to reach an audience that has never heard of your brand before, and it could be the cheapest marketing you ever do. Here are some tips to help you make viral videos to help build your brand:

  1. Keep things short.
    The New York Times recently published survey results showing that 19% of people stop watching a video after just 10 seconds, and a whopping 44% stop after a minute, with this in mind it’s important to keep all your information, funny facts or surprises at the very start of your video.
  2. Keep Things Happy
    As popular as Karl Pilkington and there-alike are, people are generally more responsive to positive, happy emotions, Pharrell’s song, Happy being the perfect example of this, it’s important to send out a positive message about your brand, and the shares will come!
  3. Be emotional
    If you can’t be positive, it’s a good idea to pull at people’s heartstrings. By now we all know about the success of the website, Upworthy, within their first year they were getting 6 million unique page views every month, and why? Because all of the stories and videos they publish managed to pull on peoples heart strings or inspire them to be better people. Definitely, something to think about.
  4. Give Information
    It’s important to remember to be informative whilst stay relevant to your brand, people are always looking for new information, whether it’s ‘5 facts you didn’t know about Google’ or ‘How to braid your hair’, people like to learn. So, see what’s going on your industry and find a way to make it exciting to a wider audience.
  5. Stay current
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2013, you will have heard of the movie Frozen; every little girl’s dream, and every parent’s headache. But if you were to jump on the parody/cover song/voice over bandwagon you’d probably see your view count go into the millions in a matter of weeks. Obviously, this isn’t always relevant or appropriate for an SME, but you get the idea.



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