How to Outreach Effectively

19 February 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Being able to outreach to bloggers and other internet presences effectively is a really important skill to have. Many companies use bloggers and third party websites to promote their products and services through adverts, guest posts and sponsored posts. However, bloggers are festooned with requests on a daily basis, so it is important to reach out to them in a way that encourages them to respond to you.

Firstly, ensure that you are only approaching websites and blogs that are linked to the product of service you are trying to promote. Your client may want to raise awareness for their new cook book, therefore you would approach cookery bloggers to review the book and try recipes. There would be no use in sending copies to a blog about mechanics for example, as they would refuse to do the piece and it would be reaching out to entirely the wrong audience.

Make sure that you approach the right person in a personal manner. Try and write each email fresh during outreach. We are all guilty of copy and pasting the same email over and over again to save time, however this is obvious and unappealing to bloggers. Discuss their work, explain why you are approaching them, be clear straight away what is in it for them (money, free products etc), and sign off positively.

A lot of the time, bloggers may not respond to your first email, so you may have to chase them up. It is a good idea to keep a spreadsheet of bloggers that you have contacted in the past, so that you have a ready made list of people that you have built up professional relationships with. This is the key to easy outreach, building up lasting relationships with people who have a mutual interest in your work.

Outreach is scary at first, however, you will soon find your feet. Hopefully with our tips your campaign will be as effective as possible!

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