How To Improve Your Facebook Business Page

13 October 2015
Published: By: Becky Dudley

It can sometimes be challenging to maintain or, understand why your Facebook business page is not increasingly growing as you would of hoped. This is why; we have provided some great notable information on how your business can improve their Facebook business page to increase performance.

Include All Basic and Relevant Information

It is significant for customers to find it easy to contact you with the correct information provided, and is clear about what your business does. These include; name, email, website URL link, contact numbers, addresses, and “About/Short Description” section. Furthermore, click on the link indicated on the “About” section, to ensure your business attaches links to all social media platforms.

Engage With Your Customers

By allowing customers to contribute on your business page, this will increase conversions. This is because they feel empowered and it allows them to express their creativity. Your business can engage with its customers by generating and sharing relevant posts such as industry news, entertaining facts, statistics, tips and tricks, discount and offers, and events. It is also great to ask questions for customers to answer, and running polls and competitions. Furthermore, adding relevant Emojis to your post is a great way to increase customer attention.

Use Visually Motivating Pictures

Many research studies have been carried out, to indicate that consumers are more drawn to images rather than words. Pictures are clear, defined and are easily processed to the brain. This is great for your business, since it increases likes, comments and shares. Images and graphics about your brand are ideal, such as the latest products, team events, or new refurbishments.

Observe Your Customer Insights

Schedule some time on your calendar to learn about customer likes and unlikes, reach, fans, and page reviews. This will help you understand your numbers and performance.

Frequency Of Posting

It is important to schedule time in your calendar of when to communicate with your fans and other pages. It is always easier to write down all your online and offline content that you would like to share, and find ideas on how your business could repurpose the content. For example, changing a blog post into sharable graphics. There are many useful websites that allow your business to schedule your posts according to your time preference, such as Feedly.

There are countless benefits associated with maintaining an effective Facebook business page. These benefits include reaching a target audience through advertising, increasing interaction with potential customers, collecting more leads, increasing internet trafficking and conversions, growing SEO, and gaining insight into your competitor. So we hope this information will provide you the right stepping stone to improving your Facebook business page.

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