How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

30 November 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Marketers have many goals and dreams, but creating a campaign that “goes viral” is the epitome of success for many aspiring marketers. It is almost impossible to predict whether a campaign will go viral or not, however there are notable similarities between successful campaigns that are worth paying attention to.


We have selected 4 notable elements that are common in “viral” campaigns.


  1. The Message: While some campaigns go viral accidentally, most are carefully planned. You can’t plan for your campaign to go viral, but you can ensure that your message is clear. Make sure it is easy to identify during videos, on social media and in print, as this is what you want the customer pick up on and relate to.

  3. Keep it Simple: Do not make your campaign too complicated. If you send your audience a novel, they will most likely only remember the title. A short video, and infographic or an article are the most likely targets for something that goes viral. Stick to two or three main marketing messages in your campaign, nothing more.

  5. Launch the Campaign: Planning your campaign is only half the battle, you then have to launch it, and launch it properly. To do this you need to know your audience and their online habits. What time do you get the most interaction on your social media sites? This is a good place to start. Also, it is important to run a teaser campaign leading up to the launch date; this get people engaged and excited, ready to react when your campaign is finally launched.

  7. Don’t Force It: Don’t hit your audience too hard with your campaign. If it is going to go viral it will, no amount of blasting it is going to make that happen. However, depending on the content of your campaign, outreach to bloggers and other online presences could benefit you. This offers the chance for your campaign to reach beyond your own audience, into someone else’s.

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