How PPC and SEO Can Work in Harmony for Your Business

15 April 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are often placed at odds with each other. They are seen as two separate ways to generate leads to your website. However, they can actually work well together when used correctly. When there is a unity between PPC and SEO, statistics show a much higher result than if just one or the other is focused on. Below, we lay out the ways in which PPC and SEO, used in conjunction with each other, can produce much higher results.

Brand Authority

When a potential customer searches for words that we have targeted as keywords for your business, your listing will show up if either PPC or SEO techniques have been implemented. If PPC is being used, they will show up as a result of a paid bid, and will appear highly based on this. You’ll then pay if your advert is clicked on. With SEO, your website will show up due to strategic content and copywriting. If you are using both, then your website will show up twice. This may seem superfluous, but studies have shown differently. By appearing twice on a search result page, your website is seen to have a higher authority than ones who only appear once. For a search engine to display your business two times for one search, it appears to the potential customer that you are the very best match. This builds your brand’s authority on the subject, and leads to a higher click rate.

It Helps Us Learn

An SEO marketer will understand that there is a small amount of trial and error involved in online marketing. Some keywords will be more effective than others, and some will better convert a potential customer into an actual customer. This means that SEO can take a little time to generate strong results. However, it is generally accepted that the results will be better than PPC results, once the correct strategy has been found. However, PPC can be a great tool to use in the meantime. Not only does it work as an effective back-up whilst the right SEO strategy is being found as it ticks-over constant results for you, but it also helps the marketing team quickly see what keywords and content are being clicked on. That can then be immediately introduced into the SEO strategy.

PPC Promotes SEO

SEO revolves around the idea that valuable, engaging content is always superior to unhelpful advertising. Advertising may catch the eye, but good content will inspire loyalty and conversions. However, writing SEO content is not always enough. Yes, it will improve your rankings and viewability on search engines, but PPC guarantees that you are shown at the highest point. Therefore, PPC can be used to ensure that your potential audience is able to easily find and consume your high quality content. In turn, good quality content from an SEO strategy justifies the consumer clicking on your PPC advert, further enhancing your brand’s authority. In this way, the two strategies prop up each other and lead to quantifiable results and ROI (Return on Investment).

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