How Can Conversion Rate Optimisation Help You?

15 October 2014
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

One of the newest pieces of technology to penetrate the UK Market, Conversion Rate Optimisation offers a totally unique insight into your website, and how the elements of it are viewed, interacted with, and provide a solid Return on Investment.

So what is CRO? CRO refers to the creation and tailoring of the consumer experience, all with the aim of increasing online sales, without necessarily increasing your number of visitors. This tool focuses more on taking care of your existing customers, by fully tailoring their user experience to suit them perfectly. This can’t be done without knowing the exact psychology of the user; something that we as a company hold close to our hearts!

Over the years, people have adopted Search Engine Optimisation tactics in a strong attempt at driving traffic to their websites, and after all of that effort, do little to turn visitors into sales. Traffic is the first component to the CRO success. Getting traffic to your website is one thing, but if an extremely high percentage of said conversions aren’t buying, then money is being wasted. The elements that are offered in this service include (by aren’t limited to) A/B Split Testing and HeatMap/ScrollMap technologies that allow you to see exactly how consumers are responding to your pages, landing pages and each page version.

What? You’ve never heard of this before? Exactly, that’s because we at Active Internet Marketing are at the top of the list of UK companies to offer you these amazing tools as part of what we do for you.

As part of Conversion, you have several technologies at your disposal, including A/B Split Testing, as well as HeatMaps and ScrollMaps, allowing you to see your page from a user’s perspective… Handy, right?! So why would anyone want to use these tools? If it hasn’t won you over yet, or if you’re still rather skeptical, don’t panic. It’s understandable to be cautious when investing a brand new tool; “will it benefit me?”… “Is it worth the investment?”

The truth is, if you care about turning your website traffic into customers, then absolutely, it’s worth the investment, and of course, it’ll benefit you no end; or why are you advertising at all? Many are led to believe that the way to maximise your website’s conversions is to fiddle around with font spacings and images, and you’ll gain a 5% increase at best. The most basic test practices should be happening on a recurring basis, and will gain a small increase each time. Bear in mind, however, that these changes alone won’t plunge you into the higher double-figures.

As a part of A/B Split testing, you have the ability to set up a second version of a landing page, with testing elements that are slightly different to the original design of your webpage. Bear in mind that your website doesn’t change throughout this process. These minor changes, such as a different call to action for example are shown to 50% of website traffic, and the original to the first 50%, and you’ll be able to see the changes and whether or not they make a difference to your conversions. Realistically, these changes should never reach completion, because small tweaks here and there can always make the world of difference to your conversions, no matter how small the percentage.

HeatMap and ScrollMap technologies are another pair of useful tools for CRO. What they are, are views of your entire website with user interactions that are captured, whatever their platform, location or Internet browser. HeatMaps can range from ‘mouse move’, ‘clicks’ and ‘attention’, so you can see form a definitive view, where users’ mice move, where they’re clicking, and how long they hover over certain areas. These methods give an accurate tracking scale for how your site is performing, and just how well positioned certain elements are.

ScrollMaps view how far down the fold of your webpages is, how far down your page visitors scroll, and at what point they abandon the page. One could say that one of the true benefits of this feature, is that it shows you how many people are neglecting your important information, and will give you an accurate view of how you should optimise your website’s content, pushing abandoned, yet important information into a high viewing zone.

So what should you do next? As explained, we are among the first in the UK to offer our Industry-Leading CRO technologies, all that can help your website. What’s more, you can take advantage of our other web services, including SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Social and many more! Our core business value is looking after our customers, so get in contact with us today to arrange a consultation, and get the best out of your website!

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