Give Your Social Media a Boost for 2016

05 January 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

January is full of new resolutions and the opportunity to make positive changes to your business before getting snowed under as work returns to normal. Why not harness this enthusiasm for change and improvement and channel it into your social media platforms?

We have put together a guide to help you make proactive changes to your social media approach, making 2016 your most interactive year to date.

  • Boost your social media following.
    There is no surefire method to increasing your social media following, but more of an algorithm of different elements that all play a part in popularising your social media accounts. Firstly, it is important to think of yourself or your company as a brand. Market yourself as you would a product, highlighting your strengths, showing followers that your insights and references will benefit them.

    Know who you are targeting and aim your content at that audience. Make your content shareable and open to discussion. This will help to draw in more followers who are in your ideal demographic. If you don’t know your companies desired audience, then work with your social media team to work this out.

    It is important to stay committed to generating a bigger social media following. Gaining 10,000 followers doesn’t happen over night, and a lot of diligence is needed to get a return on your efforts. Create a social media schedule that is easy to stick to, and don’t forget to include visual stimulus in your posts such as images and videos.

  • Look for opportunities for discussion.
    A great way to reach more potential followers is to engage your audience in conversation. Asking open ended questions is a great way to encourage conversation, as well as commenting on current affairs and industry changes that are relevant to you and your followers.

    Also, if you are a business that offers a product to your clients, then it would be beneficial to set up a chat time on Twitter or Facebook where customers can come forward with the queries and issues. This will allow you to comment frequently and reach out to new followers, as well as keeping up with your current customers and followers.

  • What encourages interaction?
    Keep an eye on which of your social media platforms receive the most interaction on posts. This will give you an idea of which areas to improve on, as well as allowing you to take note of what goes down well with your followers.

    Look out for the posts that get the most and least interaction, then use these results to help you create a social media schedule that give your constant engagement.

  • Link to your blog or website.
    Social media posts are intended to be short and sweet, even on platforms like Facebook where you are not limited by characters. However, you should use your posts to increase traffic to your website or blog posts which expand on the points you are making on social media.

    Work links to your blog posts into your social media schedule. You can use Google Analytics to see how much of your website traffic is driven by social media referral. This figure should increase over time as you incorporate blog posts into your weekly schedule.

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