From Basic Measurement to Analytics-Powered Solutions: Your Online Journey

24 December 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Today, the majority of website and app owners are collecting data from their visitors, which they then use to improve their online campaigns and strategies. However, there seems to be a huge difference between some companies, with many relying on the most basic information to guide their online marketing decisions.

When we first start out with web analytics, we are often content with the very basic data that we initially receive. This consists of how many visitors you have to your site, where the visitors are coming from, and which pages are most popular. All you have to do is insert the analytics code into your webpages, and then you will receive a baseline of information concerning the performance of your website.

Most individuals and small businesses start at this stage because it is easy to get up and running and is a free or relatively low cost tool. However, if your digital initiatives are not that strategic to your organisation, then you may never progress beyond these basic reports.

Whilst these generic reports may satisfy your periodic curiosity, most people discover that in order to fully make use of the potential their website has for development and growth, they require more in-depth and analytical answers to even fundamental questions about their website because the measurement isn’t tied to their unique business goals or objectives.

Although you will have a better understanding and appreciation of traffic sources, general content consumption and basic visitor attributes, you wont have a clear picture of how successful your website really is, which makes improving your online performance more like guesswork that strategic decisions.

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