Effective Email Marketing: A Slight Seasonal Taste

09 October 2014
Published: By: Becky Dudley

Email Marketing is one of the most undervalued tools in the Marketer’s arsenal. Effective as it is, it allows you as a business to communicate with consumers to increase traffic to your website, and to drive sales.

With a reputation once littered by SPAM and adult content, Email Marketing has fast become essential to business that look at capitalizing on seasonal shopping markets; Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.

Timing. Timing is essential when thinking about your campaign, and all of the consideration and focus of what it is that you’re actually looking to communicate. If you’re trying to sell your product to a handful of different demographics, then you absolutely must send multiple messages accordingly, instead of trying to burst all of the information into one message for all demographics. Consider the sheer potential of the Return on Investment that Email Marketing will generate for your business, let alone seasonal.

Frequency. The regularity of your seasonal mailings speaks a lot, and in terms of ROI, you really have to be mailing on a regular basis. Many companies worry, nowadays, that sending too many mailers will bombard to consumer. Honestly, the majority of promotional mail recipients don’t act upon the first or even second email, so it’s definitely worth hanging in there, and being persistent.

The reason that so many emails are ignored is down to the average recipient sees the Email subject, and thinks ‘I have no interest in this subject’, or ‘This subject has nothing to do with my subscription’; all often tainted by negative harassment PPI email campaigns, or SPAM messages from their long-lost relative in the far reaches of Namibia, asking for bank account details so that they can wire their share of the £5Million inheritance. The only tip is to be certain that the mail you’re sending is absolutely relevant – not only to your product, but to the demographic that you’re sending it to.

Content. Truly The most important thing for a really effective email marketing campaign. Ask yourself: What message do I want to communicate? Am I conveying this message in the most appealing way? You must ensure that research is carried out to ensure that you understand your audience demographic, and what they want from your marketing emails. The best time for Email Marketing campaign relevance is the Christmas season, where businesses look for the best potential sales and spontaneous purchases from consumers.

Make it fun. Competitions can be created to make seasonal marketing campaigns more enjoyable, especially throughout the Christmas season. Studies prove that consumers look through marketing emails for vouchers and other offers, so keep this in mind when wanting to boost your sales and increasing your brand awareness.

By following these simple steps, you could help your company with successful seasonal marketing that provides valuable Return on Investment, and generation of new business/conversions to your website!

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