Does Cold Calling Still Have a Place in the Marketing World?

21 July 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Digital marketing is just one member of the extensive and varied marketing family, alongside print marketing and telephone marketing to name a few. It’s tough to work out which method to use, or which combination will reach your audience. A question that we have seen all over social media so far this week is whether cold calling still has a place in the marketing world, or if it brings more negative than positive publicity.

Digital marketing is newer, less intrusive and is seen as more successful than telephone marketing. The main benefit is that it gets leads easily; whilst only 1% of cold calls lead to a sale, 80% of introductions via digital marketing lead to a sale. This is down to the ways that digital marketing agencies gain contact information, from opt-in mailing lists and enquiry forms to name a couple, rather than randomly picking telephone numbers out of the phone book or off illegal lists.

The other side of the coin is that talking to the customer is very important, and the human interaction could encourage a sale. However what’s important to bare in mind is that if you generate a lead digitally, you are going to call them or arrange a meeting, that personal relationship will still be there. When it comes to cold calling, the other variable is how many people will actually stay on the phone long enough to hear and consider your propositions. 90% of C-suite executives say they will not respond to cold callers, and with telephone marketing being 73% more expensive per lead than any other method, they are the people you need to listen.

Marketers have consistently ranked email marketing as the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention, bringing an average 4300% return on investment. Phone calls still play an important role when it comes to building lasting relationships with potential customers, but as an initial point of contact, steer clear of dated cold calling techniques.

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