Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine

Top #3
on Trip Advisor
Impressions In 3 months
Organic Search Traffic

The Objective

The owner of Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine took on an empty restaurant space in early 2019, with the vision of transforming it into a vibrant Mediterranean restaurant for Banbury and the surrounding areas. They solicited us to aid every step of the way in building their brand, reputation, and customer base. It was important to make a quick success of this venture, as brand new eateries need to thrive early, else they are likely to quickly go out of business.

Our Strategy

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With 40,000+ residents and over 80 restaurants in Banbury, we needed to urgently establish a search presence in this area as a top priority. Our design and website development team got to work on the Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine branding, logo design, and website build immediately, whilst the content and SEO team jumped on creating copy and social profiles, along with a citation profile, to establish Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine as a legitimate restaurant.

We gave extensive advice and guidance to Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine to help them build their TripAdvisor account in particular, as we recognised this would be key to growing the footfall to the restaurant. Alongside this, we kept monitoring the general restaurant scene in Banbury to keep Abbas Mediterranean Cuisine competitively ahead in every element of their online and offline marketing.

The Results

Within mere months we achieved position #1 on TripAdvisor and have maintained within the top #3 positions since. Alongside this, we’re averaging position #1 on Google for many relevant terms including ‘best restaurants near me’, ‘best places to eat in Banbury’, ‘best food near me’ etc. Traffic to the website is consistently growing and the restaurant has flourished under their marketing strategy – making the venture a success.