5 Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

22 January 2016
Published: By: Becky Dudley

Facebook is known to be one of the most popular social networking site that has over 1 billion users. Your business doesn’t need to spend thousands of money on a print campaign when Facebook already allows you to advertise on a low budget. Facebook advertising to reach their potential customers in a quick and effective manner.The clever element about Facebook is that it doesn’t seem like an advertisement page, but more of a social conversation maker. Take a look at why Facebook advertising can become a tremendous asset to any given business.


1. It Reaches your Target Audience


Facebook allows your business to choose and target a particular group of audiences based on factors, including personal interests, age, gender, location and many more. It helps reach your potential customers, with the satisfaction of knowing that your money and time is being well spent. The Facebook advert is more likely to get noticed, with users visiting their Facebook several times a day.


2. It Spreads Word of Mouth


When a customer is happy and satisfied with their product or service, they are likely to positively inform their close family members and friends about it. However, a Facebook user can inform even more positive word of mouth on a much more larger network of friends and family members through the use of likes, tags and shares.


3. It Creates Audience Engagement


Facebook users do not simply take in information from your website, but take action, by liking and sharing. This gives your business the opportunity to become more visible and increase a higher a retention rate. Users are sharing everything on Facebook, from going to their local supermarket to watching television.


4. It Reaches Smartphone Users


Facebook is accessible on smartphones, which is the perfect opportunity to reach a larger market, allowing your business to create more audience engagement.


5. It Creates More Video Views


Unlike television advertising, video advertising on Facebook can achieve the best results at a low cost. Your videos can still be eye-grabbing and memorable to Facebook users, and will provide more information about your business and its products.


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