Active Internet Marketing (UK) – CRO Video

21 October 2014
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Active Internet Marketing (UK) proudly present our Conversion Rate Optimisation video, featuring the newest CRO technology in the UK. This video explains all that we can do to help you and your website maximise the potential of the traffic coming to the site.

We are among the first to offer these technologies to our clients, and we guarantee that none of our industry competitors are offering this technology to SME’s in the way that we are. So contact us today to find out how we could impact your business, and turn your conversions into customers!

Video Transcript
Successfully marketing your business on the Internet is reliant on two main areas 1) generating enough website traffic and 2) Getting enough of the traffic to convert.

This conversion could be a sale, an enquiry, registering for email marketing or downloading information.

Active Internet Marketing (UK) specialise in generating website traffic for our customers from various sources including: Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Display Banner Advertising, as well as Email & Social Media Marketing.

Our Digital Marketing teams will work with each of these channels, planning out strategies and campaigns that will result in meaningful engaging content that can include special offers, seasonal promotions, product releases, blogger outreach, link earning, info-graphics and web video all of which will contribute to boosting your traffic.

Once you have increased your website traffic we then focus on the conversions, turning visitors into customers.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation technologies and software allow us to compare usage heat maps, scroll maps, click analysis and various other user behaviours in order to make recommendations for change and improvements.

All changes are identified based on user generated data rather than opinion or gut feeling.

These changes might include – Modifying a headline, changing the colour of a buy button or adding images.

Once the areas for improvement have been identified, we can easily make the changes, then further test them with continuous measurement and refinement, all backed up by real-time reporting.

A and B versions of the same landing page can be specifically served to the visitor based on various user information including location, Operating system, or visitor source.

Active Internet Marketing (UK). Generating Traffic, Improving Conversions

First we Plan – then Implement – Monitor and Improve.

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