8 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

02 February 2016
Published: By: Becky Dudley

Email marketing can be used for promotional or informative messages that are directly sent to subscribed customers. These messages can be in the form of press releases, surveys, competitions, or sales and promotions. It has stated that over 54% of marketers rate email marketing as the most effective type of digital marketing and is the easiest to implement. Email marketing only has a 28% rate of unsubscribed users, which is a lower percentage in comparison to other digital marketing tactics. We have provided a useful guide on 8 useful tips to create a successful email-marketing platform.


1. Have a Subscription List


Even if you already have a list of subscribers within your listing, you should still continue to build up a list of potential customers. It is always good to keep a subscription page on your landing page or contact page.


2. Personalisation Is The Key


Email marketing is an excellent tool for making your message personal, where you can cater each email to a subscriber’s name. Many email tools has a feature that allows you to short code to replace a recipients name with every email.


3. Subject Line Is Important


Just like any piece of blog post or content you write, the subject line is the most important part of drawing attention to your users. If your subject line is weak then users are less likely to open up your email. Consumers want something that is eye grabbing and catchy. Make sure that your subject line includes 50 character letters, with your company name. Furthermore avoid using spam-based words, such as order now, urgent, or free.


4. Make It Mobile-Friendly


Around 44% of people open emails using their smartphones in the UK, which makes it the top device for opening emails. Make sure that your email campaign has a responsive design for all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop. This will provide better navigation for users when they open up your email.


5. Track Your Data


Tracking your data is important, since it allows you to measure your performance as well as gaining a better insight into your customer profile. Google analytics is a great tool for tracking your data, where it can display interaction rates.


6. Provide Valuable Information


It is important to make sure that your email campaign is providing valuable information that is either education, informing or entertaining users. Make sure to relate it to your industry, services or product.


7. Make It Simple To Unsubscribe


It is important to make sure that your email campaign is user friendly, and that users have the free will to unsubscribe from your subscription list for any reason.


8. Choose a Clear Layout


Make sure to use short paragraphs and keywords and phrases that are relevant to your user. Bullet points are a great way for users to quickly scan through the key points you are trying to illustrate in your email campaign. Furthermore, choose an image that is directly related to your content.


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