5 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your Business

12 October 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Twitter is a Social Media site used by millions and it has become increasingly evident that it can benefit businesses in numerous ways. It is a tool that can be used to monitor trends, find opportunities for growth, and create advocates for your brand. Here are five ways that Twitter can improve your business.

1. Customer Service
Twitter continues to help businesses deliver better customer service whilst simultaneously helping them manage their reputation. Customers often take to sites such as Twitter and to air any queries they may have. Such a visible demonstration of customer service and problem resolution can have a powerful and positive impact upon the character of companies. An unanswered question on Twitter simply makes a business appear unprofessional. It is crucial that companies remain visible on this site, regularly monitoring and checking for any customer questions.

2. Customer Insights
Twitter is a quick and easy way for businesses to obtain real customer insights as well as feedback regarding their services. This valuable knowledge can then be used to help cater campaigns, products, services, or offers to target audiences.

3. Industry Expert
This Social Media site can be used to discuss new products or services, comment upon timely news topics or market trends, and share company initiatives. Customers will look to you as reliable source of information regarding your industry.

4. Branding
It can be used to establish your brands personality and a voice that customers can relate to. The voice of your brand will reflect the type of customers that you attract, so ensure it reflects the character of company. It will improve your ability to keep your brands image consistent across a variety of platforms, as your Twitter account should possess imagery and content that is in-keeping with your businesses products and principles.

5. Industry Influencers
These are the people and the companies that carry weight within your industry, and are often highly prioritized after your customers. Twitter provides your business with a platform to reach out to them, allowing you to join in or even start discussions with these industry influences. This interaction will raise the profile of your business whilst also building valuable connections. Industry influencers are often distinguished by their large following and regular engagement on Social Media, as well as possessing clear signs on engagement on their blog. Ultimately, these influencers will increase your traffic and influence the buying decisions of others.


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