5 Ways to Make Your Content Great

09 March 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

We all want our content to be great. Whether you are looking to engage your online community or send the internet into a frenzy with your own viral content, there is a lot to be said for looking outside of the box when it comes down to creating epic content.

We have put together 5 key elements that will help you to think beyond the words on the page, and address the outcomes that you are hoping to achieve through your great content.

Great content should be easy to find.

Whether someone is on your website already or they are searching the internet for something linked to you, people should be able to access your content easily. To do this, you must make sure that you are optimising your text with a highly relevant keyword. This means when that keyword is searched online, you should pop up, and your content will be relevant and useful to the reader.

Make it sharable.

Not only do you want people to be inspired by your talents as a wordsmith, you also want them to want to share it with their friends and colleagues. Be sure to ‘frame’ your great content, this means being careful about the headline and image of your piece, as these are the things people will see on social media. Ultimately, the headline and image need to make people want to read the piece themselves, if you capture your audiences attention, the shares should come rolling in.

Content must be readable.

You may be thinking ‘well duh’, but readability is based on more than just the text you have created. Be sure to consider the font size of your piece, the width of your columns (not too wide, you don’t want people to get lost) and the vertical space between the lines on the page. Breaking your work down into short, easy to read chunks is also a great way to get your readers rot the bottom of the page.

Make it memorable.

Great content doesn’t keep you happy for a couple of minutes and then lose purpose, it stays with you and makes you want to talk about it. You do this by answering the questions you set out at the begining of the piece, or by writing a piece that opposes many of the views already published on the same topic. Try and be original, and your content will stick around.

Make content inspire others to do it.

Making your content actionable is one of the best ways to make your content great. If you can appeal to your readers and make them feel like they can go and carry out what it is you are talking about, whether that’s mountain biking or changing the oil in their car, then your readers achievements will link back to your article. Making tasks and subjects accessible to everyone is a great way to get your content shared. 

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