5 Video Blog Ideas for the Uninspired

25 June 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

It’s very easy for us to tell you that video blogging, or vlogging, will give you a massive SEO boost. That’s all well and good, but what do you actually put in a vlog? How do you make it engaging? We spend a large amount of our time storyboarding, filming and editing videos for our client’s websites, so we have put together a list of our 5 top tips for those new to vlogging.

  • Advertising: Although advertisements are a great way of getting all of your company details in one place, they are the most obvious choice and also the least effective. Viewers are more likely to see blatant self promotion as a waste of their time. If you are set on creating an advert for your company, make sure you mix it in with various other videos.
  • Have a company celebration or party coming up? Is a member of staff giving a speech at an event? Why not make a behind the scenes video to show your customers? This will give them an insight into the dynamics of your company.
  • Running a competition or game will really engage visitors to your website. You  don’t have to offer a prize, but it is likely to get more attention if you do. Try doing     a general knowledge test or quizzing potential customers on industry based information.
  • The reason people buy your product or service is because they don’t know how to do it themselves. I’m not suggesting you let us all into your trade secrets, but why not make a few short tuition videos to help customers fix simple problems themselves? It will show potential customers that your services are worthwhile and that they work.
  • Finally, cover any events that your company hosts. Networking events, charity balls and team building days are all worth recording. It allows attendees to experience the event again and allows potential customers to see the sort of events your company hosts.

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