5 Tips on Writing Successful LinkedIn Articles

20 October 2014
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

If like me, you are an avid user of LinkedIn, I’m sure you’ll have noticed a change to the platform. As many will already know, LinkedIn made public its Publishing platform to all users somewhere between early-to-mid 2014, and everyone has since taken off by publishing content to promote their business, brand etc. Obviously, this means that you no longer have to be dubbed an ‘Influencer’ in the eyes of LinkedIn to share content with either your connections or a group that you’re part of, all as a part of your Social Media Strategy.

It’s of vital importance that you write and publish absolutely flawless articles if you’re looking to succeed in growing your business online. Remember that LinkedIn, as large as it is, by and large can send up to 4 times more traffic to your profile than other social networks, so understandably you’d want to impress the traffic to your profile with sterling quality content. So what do you now need to do to stand out?

1. Give your audience what they want.
When it comes to publishing content, you have to choose your topic carefully. If you’re posting content that’s intended for a specific target marketing, then make sure that it’s content that they’re likely to engage with. Posting tabloid-esque redtop news on LinkedIn (not that anyone’s daft enough to do that), is obviously a bad move, as LinkedIn is a corporate social network for industry professionals.

2. Don’t waste time, Don’t waffle.
Picture it. A Social Network for professionals. These 9-5 (and usually longer) businesspeople aren’t looking for massive essays to read. LinkedIn as a whole is the channel that has an audience that likes to read something short, snappy and informative. Keep this point in mind as you write and publish your content, to make it the most suitable to other users. I, myself certainly sit on my iDevice and skim through Marketing groups and Pulse, reading up on some genuinely interesting articles. As standard, try and keep posts to a good 700-800 words.

3. If you’re posting regularly, post consistently.
If you take a look at some of the top influencers on LinkedIn, they averagely post once per week, and that’s it. Unlike Google, LinkedIn won’t see your account as spammy, especially if you have healthy comments and interactions on posts. If there’s anything we can take from this point, it’s that LinkedIn’s top Influencers such as James Caan, Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, all of these ‘Influencers’ post once a week, every week. It works for them, so why should it not work for us too?

4. Interact with commenters!
Important as it is on pretty much every platform, it holds crucial importance on LinkedIn. It’s previously been said that the more you engage with your commenters, the more of a popular poster you’ll become. Discussion/Debate often occurs on the slightly more ‘controversial’ posts (at least from what I’ve seen), and people who either agree or disagree with your opinion will always welcome your opinion. And, it’s a chance to get a few more connections from your industry!

5. Analytics
Finally, yet still as important, check the analytics of your posts. As with all aspects of Analytics in Marketing, you can determine your best course of action based on the popularity and levels of engagement from previous content. Which posts had higher click-through rates? Should I focus more on a certain area/topic? Does the content I push on a certain day of the week get more interaction and engagement than another time/day? Having said that, LinkedIn gives you email reminders, letting you know how your posts are doing, and allows you to pay attention to which articles do the best for you.

So what have we learned from this? LinkedIn is a great social media tool, there’s no denying it. The professional equivalent to ‘hangouts’ where people can publish their thoughts, findings or general information in a group. By acting on these points, you are almost guaranteed a start in your LinkedIn popularity within your own circles, and you’ll really have a fruitful return!

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