5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Situations

07 March 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Throughout our careers, we will all be faced with difficult situations at some point or another. Whether you have to deal with poor individual or group performance, improve an organisation deemed to be failing, handle staff or resource shortages, or adverse media coverage; any situation can be uncomfortable and handling it effectively can be difficult.

That is why we have put together a list of our top 5 tips for handling difficult situations at work.

Get the facts.

Be sure to establish the facts of a situation before you venture into trying to sort it out. Whilst there may be a limited amount of times where a fast response is required, your first step is always to established facts . Always be sure to verify the information you collect.

Ask lots of questions.

Questions will unearth the core issue, rather than the detail that someone may be trying to provide you with. Be sure to question a variety of people involved to ensure that you receive everyones views and can come to a strong conclusion.

Actively listen.

Listen attentively to the people involved. Don’t jump in before they have finished talking, and try to piece together stories to see the bigger picture. Recognise where people may be lacking support and build on that to help improve your current working situation.

Don’t be prejudice.

We will all form some judgements immediately, however try to push these aside whilst you are trying to work out a mutually beneficial solution to the current situation.

Always act professionally.

Do not let your own personal opinions or relationships get in the way of coming to an appropriate conclusion. Always treat those you are dealing with with respect, ensuring that they have trust in you to sort out the problem at hand.

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