4 Tips For A Successful LinkedIn Profile For Your Company

30 December 2015
Published: By: Becky Dudley

LinkedIn may not be the most popular social media platform in the digital world, however it is definitely the most effective platform for building brand recognition and acts as a successful professional networking tool. It is great for content distribution, product launches and keeping up-to-date with your industry. You can even follow inspiring business entrepreneurs that offer useful insights and guidance that your business could use. It gets even better, where it doesn’t take much for people to find you on a search engine, since it gives increased search visibility and therefore more user traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

Your business can achieve a successful LinkedIn profile by considering the 4 fantastic tips presented below:

1. Company Details

It is important to ensure that all company details are given, so that potential employees have easy access to contact your company. Furthermore, it is important to include anything that is unique and special, highlighting key products or services as well. In addition, choose relevant keywords in the description and specialty section, which your potential users are going to search for. This is because these potential users are likely to find your company when the keywords appear in the LinkedIn searches.

2. Logo and Banner Image

Your company’s logo will appear when a user is searching for your company, therefore it is important that they are familiar with your brand. By adding a logo and banner image, it helps your company stand out and add a brand presence. There are 2 sets of logo’s that can be uploaded; one standard logo from the main page and the other square logo used for updating posts. Ensure that this square logo is resized to 50 x 50 pixels, so that it can fit and be used when posting on LinkedIn. In addition, it is significant to choose an attractive, eye-grabbing background image. Upload a background image that reflects your brands passions, values and mission.

3. Update Posts

Always try to post fresh new updates on any company news, attended events, helpful advice and resources within your industry. You can also get users to engage with your posts by asking questions. This will help create likes, comments and shares.

4. Location

When users are searching on LinkedIn, they are potentially looking for a service provider close by. Therefore, it is important to take the opportunity to add up to five diverse locations for your company, to ensure that you are reaching out to a broader audience.


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