3 Reasons to Monitor your Google Rankings

06 October 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Monitoring your Google rankings is an extremely important aspect of SEO, as it allows you to work out which of your SEO tactics are benefitting your company, and what you need to improve on. Keyword monitoring is the best method to track which online marketing strategies work, by measuring the successes of your link building, content marketing and Online PR. If you are not already monitoring your Google rankings, then here are five reasons why you should be and how it will benefit you.


    1. Monitoring your Google rankings measures your SEO success. With content marketing it can be difficult to see actual success and failure of a campaign. Keep on top of this by monitoring your rankings closely to stay informed of your current and long lasting trends.


    1. Research and Monitor Keywords Relevant to Your ROI. It is not only important for your keywords to rank on the highest possible position, but it is equally important to know which keywords are the most relevant for your brand/product/website. In order to find those keywords, we suggest using a keyword tracking tool such as Google Keyword Planner which is part of Google Adwords. That way you can see how frequently your keywords are searched and whether there are any more effective alternatives.


    1. Stay on top of your keywords. The majority of keyword tracking tools will allow you to sort your keywords into categories, making them easier to manage. You could use categories according to quality, topic area or importance. By prioritising different keyword groups, you make your analysis more accountable and easier to assist with your overall workflow, as well as providing valuable insights into what to keep and what to toss with regard to SEO strategies.


Overall, staying on top of your keywords will boost your SEO success, helping you to achieve the best online visibility possible.

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